Collagen Invita Skin Beauty 60caps


Collagen Invita Skin Beauty

Collagen Dietary Supplement

All Skin Types

Collagen Invita Skin Beauty is a nutricosmetic. It is a dietary supplement created specifically to improve condition of the skin. The ingredients used in the product, including very assimilable Collagen, Sea algae unusually rich in nutrients, and very effective Vitamin E, have positive effects on the skin from the first application. 

    • Smoothes and firms your skin from within
    • Makes your skin more elastic and fresh looking
    • Prevents “escaping” of water,
    • Hydrates deeper layers of skin
    • Especially recommended for dry, sensitive and prone to irritation skin
    • Using regularly it slows down the skins ageing process
    • Improves the skin’s colour and tone
    • It boosts the condition of hair and nails

                  HOW TO USE

                  Swallow 1-2 capsules a day, preferably after meals to increase absorption. Do not exceed daily recommended dose. Do not use if hypersensitivity occurs to any ingredients of the product. Use as a supplement of versified diet.

                  IMPORTAND / CAUTION

                  Keep in a dry and darkened place, in the room temperature.

                  Keep away from children.

                  Active ingredients: Collagen, Vit E, Sea algae

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