Collagen Slimming Serum with coffee 250ml - anti cellulite formula


Collagen Slimming Serum

Powerful anti-cellulite smoothing and refining formula with Collagen and Coffee

All Skin Types

Collagen Slimming Serum is an exceptional and powerful enemy of cellulite. It is  of cappuccino colour and scent. This product is designed to fight cellulite, an aesthetic fault feared by most women. Caffeine helps to minimise even the most persistent cellulite.

The product does more than just improve the present condition of adipose tissue – it primarily prevents the formation of new adipose tissue (thereby reducing fat storage possibilities), and additionally extends the results (avoiding the formation of new fat deposits).

  • It targets both early and stubborn cellulite.
  • helps to reduce cellulite, firm and refine the contours.
  • Regular application of the formulation yields measurable results in the form of:
  • Reduced body weight
  • Reduced quantity of excessive extracellular water
  • Reduced thigh and buttock size
  • Reduced visibility of the “orange peel” effect
  • Improved microcirculation
  • Considerably improved skin moisture levels, density and elasticity


Massage the Incredible Collagen Slimming Serum onto thoroughly cleansed skin, preferably exfoliated beforehand (for better absorption and effect). Use circular, upward movements. Use it daily, morning and evening.

Active Ingredients: Collagen, Liporeductyl®, Centella asiatica extract, Hydromanil®, Borage seed oil, Vit E, caffeine

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