Collagen Eye Serum 15ml - with vitamins A+E


Collagen Eye Serum

Extremely Powerful wrinkle repair with Collagen and vit A + E

All Skin types

Astonishingly powerful wrinkle repair Collagen Eye Serum was designed to combat wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines. Its combination of high Collagen content together with vitamins A and E gives a feeling of an instant ‘Eye-Lift’ and leaves your eye zone rejuvenated and firm. This multi Award Winning Eye Serum will revitalise your skin for fresher and younger look.

‘Intensely packed with collagen and beautifully soothing, we find this Serum gives everything that is needed for the delicate skin around the eyes’ Janey Lee Grace 

Winner of BizzieBaby Bronze Award 2013-2014

Winner of Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards 2013

Natural Pharmacy Award 2014

  • supports firmness and elasticity in the skin by increasing collagen production
  • gives active protection from premature ageing of skin
  • increases moisture
  • smoothes and firms the skin
  • restores youthful glow
  • firms drooping sagging eyelids


The Product is natural thus sensitive to temperature. The best temperature is 5-28°C. Please keep the Product in the original packaging (or in a fridge). Do not expose to direct sunlight, do not keep near heating. Product can not be used in the following cases: inflammation of the eye, eyelid and skin around the eyes, conjunctivitis, oversensitivity to any of the ingredients


Apply a very small amount of the Collagen Eye Serum onto damp skin of the brow bone and beneath the eye. Massage gently with circular movements keeping safe distance between eyelid border and eye corner. If too much of the product is used it might flake or peel. Wait 2-3 min for the Serum to settle and absorb. You might feel a tightening/pulling sensation of the skin which is natural. You might also feel warmth and tingling around the eye area. Follow with Collagen Eye Elixir massaging gently to the same areas. Use morning and/or evening.p>

Active ingredients: Collagen, Vit E, Vit A


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