Collagen Regenerating Conditioner 250ml


Collagen Regenerating Conditioner

Deeply regenerating and nourishing Conditioner with Collagen and Silk

All Hair Types

Collagen Regenerating Conditioner is an ideal addition to Incredible Collagen Shampoo. Its Collagen content guarantees perfect moisturising effect of your scalp and hair. Silk extract and D-panthenol help with restoring natural glow and softness to your hair. Active ingredients in the Conditioner make your hair exceptionally nourished, smooth and silky. The active keratin complex deeply regenerates hair structure whereas peptides used in the formulation are the same as naturally occurring in your hair. Thanks to that the hair regeneration process is exceptionally effective. Regular application guarantees healthy, shiny and moisturised hair.

  • Great detangler
  • Deeply regenerates hair
  • Effectively moisturises and smoothes hair giving it perfect glow
  • Your hair looks nourished and healthy
  • For all hair types, especially dull, damaged and dry hair


Preferably use after Incredible Collagen Shampoo. Apply to washed and damp hair. Start your application from the ends of hair working your way up towards the scalp. Massage thoroughly. Wait 5 min and rinse with cool water. Gentle enough to be used daily.

Active Ingredients: Silk, Collagen, Argan Oil

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