Collagen Hands & Hair Serum 50ml


Collagen Hands & Hair Serum

Extremely Powerful repair with Native Collagen

All Skin types

Collagen Hands & Hair Serum is a unique Collagen product for your hands, nails and hair.Our hands can easily betray our age as they are exposed to a wide variety of elements. Their skin can develop age spots, lines and a dry look. Whereas hair can become dry and have ‘weathered look’. Our specialists created a splendid formula specially designed for hair, hands and nails to deliver essential moisture, brighten, refine and give a fresher look.It is successfully used in both hairdressing and beauty salons, and nourishes the skin.It is a semi-liquid gel in a pearl graphite shade. Absorbs easily, is non greasy.

  • Collagen, Caprylyl Glycol, Elastin, Lactic Acid and specially purified Aqua,


    • softens cuticles, strengthens nail and toe plate
    • brightens age spots, makes your skin silky and exceptionally smooth
    • significantly reduces number of wrinkles and improves general appearance of the skin
    • dramatically improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity by increasing collagen and elastin production
    • hypoallergenic


    • strengthens hair structure, adds radiance and shine
    • helps to soothe inflamed cells of the scalp
    • stimulates healthy hair growth
    • naturally moisturises scalp
    • gives your hair boost (especially recommended for fine hair)
    • helps with styling- hair style lasts longer
    • smoothes hair and makes combing easier


The product is natural thus sensitive to temperature. The best temperature is 5-28 C. Please keep the product in the original packaging. Do not expose to direct sunlight, do not keep near heating. The product should not be used by people with acute skin inflammation that require pharmacological treatment, or by people with hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the formulation, also by people allergic to fish protein. Avoid contact with eyes.


HANDS/ NAILS: Apply a small amount of the gel (usually one to two pumps) onto thoroughly cleansed, slightly moist skin. Massage gently into the skin, especially cuticle area. Wait for 3-5 min for the gel to absorb.You might feel a tightening/ pulling effect of your skin which is completely natural.Use regularly, 2-3 times a day.

HAIR: After washing your hair, leave it wet and comb the gel thoroughly through the hair. Leave it for 5 min, rinse with water. Style as usual. Safe to use after every wash.

Active ingredients: Collagen, Caprylyl Glycol, Elastin, Lactic Acid, Aqua

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